Potential Ponder replacements (even though Ponder isn’t going anywhere)

As the Vikings wrapped up another championship-less season (the only kind they know), it was clear that coach Leslie Frazier and Co. consider Christian Ponder the team’s starter at quarterback. Barring something drastic, Ponder again will be handed the keys to the offense next fall.

That, however, won’t stop us from considering the alternatives — and there are a few intriguing ones. In no particular order, this is our list of potential Ponder replacements should the Vikings choose to go in another direction or, at the very least, open up the position for competition (highly, highly unlikely):

• Michael Vick — likely on his way out of Philadelphia
• Matt Flynn — signed to a huge deal in Seattle last offseason, Flynn is behind Russell Wilson, who is firmly entrenched as the Seahawks’ slinger/cult figure
• Alex Smith — was having an excellent year before losing his job — via injury — to Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco
• Tim Tebow — looked relatively solid on the punt coverage unit for the Jets
• Kirk Cousins — has shown flashes of brilliance while filling in for RG3 in Washington

Again, probably a pointless pursuit given the Vikings’ commitment to Ponder, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play a little what-if.

Are we missing any?

3 thoughts on “Potential Ponder replacements (even though Ponder isn’t going anywhere)

  1. I have heard rummblings of a possible move for Philip Rivers. A QB who needs a new place to give his career a jumpstart. But I hope we don’t spend too much if we do make a move. Ponder needs more time and more coaching. We spent a lot to get Ponder in the first place.

  2. Personally, there’s only one name on that short list that would interest me, and that’s Smith. But Frazier seems to have made it pretty clear that Ponder’s the man, so the real question is, who do they look at to bring in as a (capable) backup? It’s clear they didn’t trust Webb since they didn’t use him until they were forced to by Ponder’s injury. I think Ponder will be okay with the surrounding cast and another year under his belt. And maybe some help at receiver, since we don’t know what Percy Harvin’s status is, going into the offseason.

  3. I’d take 1.) Alex Smith, or 2.) Matt Flynn. The rest are either too far gone (Vick), just another Ponder (Cousins), or need to change positions (Tebow). Not sold on Ponder as the answer, but he has shown some “flashes” as they say. Still need help at WR, in my opinion.

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